Billings, Montana

Music that fits your story.

I'm a wedding and special event musician with a very chill, folky coffeehouse vibe. Music is what emotions sound like—I capture the mood with music that fits your story.

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About Me

I'm a Washington-born, Montana-Raised girl who, like many, dreamed of singing on big stages since I was young.

I have been in Montana since 2006. I've never never been more sure that I belong in Montana, behind a mic and a guitar, bringing soulful country songs to special events. I spent nearly a decade in Columbus, several years in Red Lodge, and I currently live in Billings.

I'm also an artist (the drawing kind), you may find my work around Billings or at a show.

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I play weddings, engagements, rodeos, retirements, benefits, private parties, and other types of special events.

(Sorry, I am not currently available for lounge, bar, or restaurant bookings.)

What to Expect —

My sound is a little country, a little folk, a little soul... some might catch a coffeehouse vibe. Music is what emotion sounds like, and it's very important to set the mood with music that fits your story.

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Rates vary by the type of event, location, and duration. Setup and teardown typically take 45 minutes to 1 hour before and after the event.


One hour / $500

Two hours / $700


One hour / $700

Two hours / $900

Other Fees and Add-ons

$200Every hour beyond contracted time.

$100For every requested song not in my library.

All listed times above exclude set up and teardown. Travel and lodging reimbursement required for travel greater than 50 miles from Billings, Montana.

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